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Axel, Kohen, Briana and Dan – Family Session

Posted on Jul 11, 2011 by in Family | 16 comments

After a really really REALLY long time of trying to reschedule from our spring session, I finally got to meet up with Dan and Briana and their 2 super cute boys tonight! We met at Barrett Park, and had a great time! The boys are so energetic – I don’t know how they do it! The weather turned out perfect for our session tonight, too – it was perfect!

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  1. Love, love, love these! Everyone looks super great!

  2. I love all the pictures!

  3. These look really good, I can’t wait to see the prints! I like the areas they were taken too.

  4. Beautiful pictures guys, amazing !

  5. Beautiful family. Love all the pics.

  6. Love them. So cute !!!!!!

  7. You have a beautiful family Briana and the pictures really show it! I love what the photographer has done.

  8. Awesome pics! They turned out wonderful.

  9. Love love love them!! especially the ones of just the 2 of you…so sweet

  10. These look beautiful, I can’t believe how much your boys have grown!

  11. love it – great photo shoot

  12. Love them! they look great!

  13. Beautiful family! Kohen has a mini me! I love the ones of you two as well! Beautiful! 🙂

  14. Very nice photos Brianna! You have a beautiful family! Hey, are these photos taken in my back yard (behind us!)?????

  15. Such a handsome family 🙂

  16. Beautiful Pictures! You are such a good looking family!

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