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Best of 2016 + Signature Session Giveaway

Posted on Dec 14, 2016 by in Birth and Fresh Baby, Family, Maternity, Personal | 56 comments

This year has been absolutely amazing. I just can’t thank you all enough. As I’m editing each session, there’s always 1 image that ends up being my favorite. This post has each one of those images in it.Β  This year consisted of 13 births, 8 weddings, and over 60 newborn and family sessions. When I was counting sessions tonight, I was totally blown away by the amount of you who trusted me this year to capture memories for you. Thank you so so much for 2016 – this is has been the best year so far!

To celebrate the end of such an awesome year, I’m going to do a contest!Β Β All comments will be entered in a draw to win a free Signature Session.Β  A Signature Session is a 1-2 hour session and includes your high resolution images and a set of 4×6 prints from your session. Share the contest on Facebook and get an extra entry! The contest will close on December 28th, 2016.

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  1. My favorite part of 2016 was having my baby Nash in March. You took the most amazing photos of our family. I look at them everyday and remember how lucky we are.

  2. My favorite part of 2016 was getting engaged to the love of my life and meeting Amber. Love my photos and cant wait to get married next year and see my wedding photos

  3. Watching Jocelynne blossom and grow. I can’t narrow it down to one single thing, but watching her face as she experiences things, runs into the ocean, tastes something yummy, sees Papa after being away… all these things warm my heart. I would love a session to capture some of these moments as a family. We have never had family photos done πŸ™

  4. Welcoming our baby girl
    into our family and being at home with my kids during maternity leave and getting to watch them grow and bond.

  5. Being able to spend so much one on one time with my son while growing his brother and truly just trying to live in the moment and enjoy every day and appreciate life through the eyes of a child.

  6. My favourite part of 2016 was becoming a mom. It has been the best year of my life!

  7. Amber, what an amazing compilation of photos. You’re incredible at what you do. Our favourite part of 2016 was almost a year ago, when Isla joined our family. Thank you for capturing so many special moments from that time!

  8. Watching all the amazing things our two little people have accomplished this year and watching them bond.

  9. Amber, you are so awesome!! Our favorite part of 2016 has been the addition of our little girl to our family. Her brother is already so protective and she has brought so much more love and light to our lives! We are so thankful for you being able to capture all of those precious moments for us so amazingly! πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

  10. My favorite thing about this year was watching my daughter change so drastically from a new born to a wild child that her soul is leading her to be.

  11. It’s a toss up between taking my dream trip to Ireland with my hubby and having baby number 3!

  12. Fave part of 2016, Henry!

  13. 2016 has been a rocky year for our family. We have been tested in many ways and given many curveballs. However the best part of 2016 for has been the seeing our daughter understand Christmas and experience the joys that this time of year brings!

  14. Our year has been full of ups and downs. A new dream house, followed quickly by a little brother addition to our family (due in the January!), then suddenly a devastating loss that left us all shocked and stunned. Our family has grown stronger, and larger over the past year, and I must say I’m looking forward to what 2017 has to offer us.

  15. Our favorite part of 2016 was the birth of our second son. He came much earlier than expected & had to stay in NICU for a while! He’s tiny but mighty & we are so in love! Also our first so. Started Kindergarten this Sept., so needless to say it’s been a bit of an adjustment & a very busy 2016 ❀️

  16. My favorite part of 2016 has been simple, watching my kids learn and grow! Being a Mom will always be my greatest accomplishment, I love those little people.

  17. The mass baby explosion of 2016! So excited to be pregnant and have a baby at the same time as so many great friends and women. Sharing the ups and downs has made it easier and more joyful than going it alone!

  18. Best part was a family trip to San Diego and my husband being around more while taking parental leave. Best decision we’ve made yet.

  19. Crazy year for us! First moving to Fort Mac which soon ended with us leaving due to the fire which led us to buying our first house, on top of having a baby and also planning a upcoming wedding!

  20. Expecting our third little bub was definitely a highlight!

  21. My favorite part of 2016 was having my little boy and completing our family.

  22. Having the time to spend with all of my family on vacation and being able to focus just on the kids with no other obligations!

  23. Spending time with my kids watching them learn and grown and become their own little people πŸ™‚

  24. Watching my first born become such a great, happy, fun big sister.

  25. Watching my daughter learn to read and to see how proud she is and how much she enjoys it.

  26. My favourite is the Colton family, lake pictures.

  27. I’m honoured that we made it on this page! We had such fun that afternoon and our pics are great! Thanks!

  28. Getting engaged and having the opportunity to do so much travelling!

  29. Welcoming our 3rd baby girl!!!!

  30. My favourite part of 2016 was having my husband home for 100 days on parental leave πŸ™‚

  31. My favourite part was watching our children grow, and experiencing the new one in my tummy!

  32. 2016 has been such an amazing year for our family and we are VERY blessed. Having a new baby in April (Emersyn) and watching her grow. My son turned 3 and seeing all his amazing accomplishments. Thank you for capturing all our amazing family memories. appreciate your hard work.

  33. 2016 we welcomed a new baby boy and had amazing photos to always remember those first few months!

  34. My favourite part of 2016 was getting my 2 year old to sleep through the night in his own bed! No more toddler sleeping on my face. NOTHING better!!

  35. My favourite part was getting to bring Angus home after 59 days in the NICU. I cannot believe how much he’s grown and developed since that day!!

  36. Thanks for capturing my kids just as they were that day! They’ll never be that little again and that means a lot! My favourite part of 2016 was watching my kids grow and change!

  37. Your pictures are so fun. We’re expecting number 2 in March. This would be so great for us. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  38. My favourite part of 2016 is watching our little boy grow into a happy, kind hearted, funny & loving person. All the simple things have meant the most this year, dance parties in the living room, soccer in the kitchen, crafts, laughter and cuddles and good times together.

  39. Stunning photographs. Thank you Amber for capturing our family in the beautiful images you took!

  40. Best part of 2016 was finding out we are expecting a new addition to our family! Love all the photos

  41. The best part of 2016 was watching my children grow and learn new skills. I especially loved being able to take them out camping and fishing.

  42. The best part of 2016 for me was seeing my children grow and learn new things.

  43. There are so many memories and moments here. What a great photographer to capture the expressions of love, wonder, excitement and joy!

  44. Best part of 2016 was welcoming our little boy to the family.

  45. My favorite part of 2016 involved realizing family is the joy in my life! Adding new members through birth and marriage, sharing moments with siblings, watching my kids grow. Family is everything.

  46. Favourite part of 2016 was my son & niece’s first concerts 😐

  47. My favorite part of 2016 was the birth of my daughter πŸ’œ

  48. We welcomed our second son 7 weeks early and have been enjoying watching our 3 year old experience being a big brother over the last 7 months.

  49. Best part of 2016 ….. Family 😊

  50. My best part of 2016 was feeling at home in our new home . And seeing the bond between our 3 kids get stronger every day ❀️

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