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Soleil – Newborn

Posted on Sep 19, 2010 by in Newborn | 34 comments

This gorgeous little girl is from the belly I shot last week! She was so gorgeous, and so great to spend a good chunk of the afternoon with. She slept so soundly! Her mom and dad also just glowed with the love for their little girlie. Congratulations, Quinn and Darren!!

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  1. I really like the one with mom’s aqua shirt in the back ground relly makes the pink tone of baby’s lips pop. great job bambie

  2. Oh my goodness what a sweetheart!!! wonderful job!!

  3. These pics make me want another baby! She’s beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous photos. Soleil looks so much like you as a baby Quinn…those Reimer lips.

  5. Beautiful photos!

  6. Look out world…….here comes SOLEIL!! Congratulations!

  7. Grandma Pam…what a beautiful family!!! Soleil sure looks like Mom…thanks for sharing!!

  8. Congratulations to having such a lovely baby! These photos are beautiful.

  9. Gorgeous! Just like Mom and Dad. Such a cutie, can’t wait to meet her!!!

  10. I really like the ones of you and Darren with her – you look so happy – and it may be that Soleil looks like you Quinn as a baby but you look like Pam as I remember her when you were a baby – aren’t genes wonderful? – love, K

  11. Beautiful baby and equally beauitful parents…a smashing family!!! Wait until Grandad gets there, kiddo!! You will be smiling 24/7. Congrats to all. And kudos to the photographer. Excellent work.

  12. Can’t wait to meet her!

  13. Ah, sure, she’s gorgeous and you both look so happy and Quinn you look beautiful as ever-radiant! Congratulations.

  14. Great pictures. She looks to be very “laid-back”, as we Hunters tend to be!!

  15. I’ll bring baby clothes in October!

  16. So sweet! Love the sleeping poses…and the ones on the couch. Congrats you guys!!

  17. what a cutie!!! great photos!

  18. Great photos.



  19. Really can’t say I see any resemblance to anyone but shall I start knitting, with the winter coming on, poor child has no clothes. GG – short for Great Grandmother

  20. Congrats you guys, she is just beautiful! Quinn she so has your lips…lucky little lady! Enjoy every moment and take care!
    love nik

  21. I really like the one where Soleil is on the couch with her eyes open. She’s a beautiful baby.

  22. Those lips! She is so gorgeous.
    Enjoy every minute… you two look so natural and so happy.
    We love you three!

  23. Soleil is SO adorable! Beatiful photos – wow she really does sleep quite alot!! Can’t wait to comeout and see her soon!

  24. What a beautiful family you have made! We can’t wait to meet Soleil. Uncle Verne is working on saying her name corrcectly! Have you ever heard him speak french? So glad she inherited the lips! xoxoxo

  25. Congratulations Quinn and Darren:

    What a beautiful baby – just as expected. Soleel has great lips, but she looks like she is a little too serious. Darren should get her interested in football and gambling soon, to lighten her up.

    I can hardly wait to hold and smell the babe. See you soon. Love, V.

  26. Wonderful shots! Soleil is beautiful. Enjoy all that sleeping, Quinn and Darren. As a good friend once told me “sleep when the baby is sleeping”. Big cousins Max and Angus say hi!

  27. Definitely has her Mom and Grandmother’s luscious lips! Wish I could hold her! You do make a beautiful family.

  28. The three of you are a picture of love. Soleil clearly invites hugs! I wonder Quinn, do you perch her on the counter and read her philosophy while you’re preparing a meal like your mother did when you were Soleil’s age?

  29. You all look wonderful!! Congrats!!

  30. Can’t say who she looks like but obviously must get her some clothes. Love from GG – Great Grandma

  31. Rave reviews and congratulations from Wetaskiwin. Beautiful, beautiful baby!

  32. The three of you make a lovely picture! Congratulations.

  33. CONGRATULATIONS Darren & Quinn! She’s exquisite in every way from her porcelain skin to her perfectly shaped little features. There’s no resemblance to a newborn here, she’s already passed beautiful and gorgeous! I really enjoyed being able to see all three of you in your maternity and newborn photos… my how things have changed since you were 15! 🙂 Have fun and best wishes!

  34. Wow, what a beautiful baby. We’re sure you guys are ecstatic. Daryl and Nancy are grinning from ear to ear and are very proud of their new grandbaby. Happy parenting.

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