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Andrea, Shaun, Jack and Olive

Posted on Sep 19, 2012 by in Family | 16 comments

I went to Okotoks to meet up with this family! They were SO easy going about the weather – it ended up being horrible! We met at the Big Rock just outside of town, and even though it was super windy, we all had a great time! Jack and Olive are busy little people, and were more than happy to play on all the rocks. I love the way this session turned out. Thanks so much Andrea and Shaun, for braving the wind and incoming storm!

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  1. Super cute family pics! Have great memories of you guys from Bermuda – hope you’re all doing well!

  2. Utterly gorgeous photos – love them! Andrea and Shaun, you and the kids look great! x

  3. Beautiful family! Love the expressions captured. 🙂

  4. I love the photos. I actually like the way the weather made the sky look!

  5. I love that first one of Jack. The kids hair color is so beautiful! You guys picked a really pretty location!

  6. Great shot!

  7. So lovely! Great pictures of the Mitchells.

  8. These are really awesome. Tried to pick a favourite but couldn’t narrow the list down. They are all great.

  9. Beautiful family and beautiful location! Great photos!

  10. These are gorgeous!!!! Seriously love the ones of Olive and Jack. Especially Olive in the first one looking up and Jack against the big sky (totally captured him)! There all great and you can send me any of them for XMAS!
    Think she’d come to E-town?

  11. Love them. Could be the next Travel Alberta promo for the big rock. Blue eyes, blue sky.

  12. Sweet and fun pictures, love the colors and the background! Such a pretty combination.

  13. Great shots y’all

  14. What beautiful photos! These will be memories that will last a lifetime!

  15. What an amazing backdrop for family photos! I love how these turned out!! Just a beautiful family!

  16. These all turned out great! I would have a hard time choosing. Good luck!

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