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George, Sheila, Braie and Porter

Posted on Oct 24, 2010 by in Family | 4 comments

This is Sheila and George – I’ve known them since their daughter was just a year old. Sheila is a dear friend of mine, and I had a blast with them tonight – I heard a cry out of Porter that I’ve never heard EVER before – even after a full year of taking care of him. His sad face is just too cute not to post!


  1. Fantastic as usual. A beautiful looking family. Porter’s “sad” face is quite sad, but still cute. Why was he crying?

  2. The kids separate pictures are gorgeous. The family ones are tough because I don’t think there’s one where were all making a nice face. Sorry Porter was a grouch Amber. He still is today if it makes you feel better.

  3. fantastic Amber aw the memories Shelia you look back and laugh. the last three made me smile! eventhough Poter wasn’t having a great time…. Braie sure was lol

  4. *Porter sorry Shelia forgot the r


  1. George, Sheila, Braie, and Porter – Fall 2011 - Red Deer Lifestyle Photography - Amber Bourret - [...] known this family for quite a while now! I still take care of Braie and Porter in my dayhome.…

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