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Saela, Seana, Ethan and Jessa

Posted on Oct 4, 2010 by in Family | 3 comments

This afternoon, I met with these 4 gorgeous kiddos for a session. They were so much fun, and the focus was truly on tiny baby Jessa! She is clearly very loved by everyone around her. She’s oh-so-tiny, but seeing as she was born at 28 weeks, she’s done VERY well!  She spent 2 months in the hospital after she was born, and today I got to see how much her family adores this itty bitty girl. And I mean itty bitty – she’s not even 7 pounds!

Congratulations on your gorgeous baby girl, Ainsley and James!


  1. OMG! they are gorgeous!!!!!! I really love them and the great pictures you have done.

  2. great job Amber! it was a great night for them!!!

  3. I love these pictures!!!! Ainsley’s babies are all so beautiful

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