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Scott Family

Posted on May 30, 2011 by in Family | 37 comments

Here are Charlene, Thad and their 2 boys, Kane and Cord. The boys are just so sweet – tiny cowboys – I loved it! I had a great time with this family at Heritage Ranch!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! I love my cousins!!!! These pics brought tears to my eyes!! Awesome job!!

  2. Awesome shots! Would love to find out more about your prices and such for some family pics

  3. Very nice guys….you clean up good, lol.

  4. Great photos, you have a very good looking family Char!

  5. Beautiful family pictures Char.

  6. Beautiful family! Very nice pictures. The boys are so cute and they are getting so big!

  7. Very nice the boys are so cute by the way so are the parents. Nice very nice

  8. What a fitting location for these “Country Cuties”! Great photo shoot.

  9. Beautiful pictures!

  10. Beautiful pictures!! I would have to buy them all! To hard just to pick a few!

  11. Looking good. Awesome pictures.

  12. The phot capture the love you share & the personally of you family. Great Pictures

  13. Long time no see. Great family pictures.

  14. OMG….Cutest little family in the WEST!!!!! Love these pictures, I cannot belive how fast the boys have changes already….

  15. Great photos and the setting at Heritage Ranch suits this family’s lifestyle.

  16. Very nice, awesome scenery. If I could ever get my family in one country, we would consider these. Lora

  17. Love the photo of Kane hugging Cord, but you want a family one, the one of you with your cowboy hats with the horse in the back is good for a group one. Boy oh Boy!!! a big choice. Love Mom xo

  18. Such cute little cowboys…..especially like the one of Kane hugging Cord and the family one in the barn doorway!

  19. Great pics!

  20. So lovely! Thanks for sharing them!

  21. All the pics are great very hard to make a decsion to make?

  22. Awesome pictures you guys! Your boys are super cute!

  23. I agree with Roberta! The boys together are awesome and the family in front of the barn are very cool!! Good Job guys for making this a priorty!

  24. Wow! Great pictures, nice work! And of course, a beautiful family!!

  25. Fantastic pictures. I love them all.

  26. What a beautiful fam – love the pics 🙂

  27. Char
    I love the pictures. I love the cowboy theme – it suites you and the family.

  28. Such a beautiful family!!

  29. Great pictures with a perfect background setting.

  30. Fantastic photos!! Great family moment.

  31. Great pictures, the scenery and family are a perfect match. I love the warm feeling these pictures give.

  32. Heritage Ranch, such a good choice for a background setting for a’ good looking’ western family.
    Personally love the one where your walking away and the baby is looking over your shoulder.

  33. Loved the pictures–good subject, good location, good photography!

  34. Great Family Photos! Love the one in front of the barn door!

  35. – especially the one to the right with the horse and saddle behind!

  36. Charlene, what an awesome looking group!

  37. Your pics are so cute of the boys.Great family pictures also,glad I am not having to choose!! Great Job!!!! Luv them all

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