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Teanna and Travis – Maternity

Posted on Apr 30, 2012 by in Maternity | 23 comments

Just a quick note — check out the new blog look! I love it – thanks to my wonderful husband Chris who was up until after midnight fixing it – love you! 🙂

Over the weekend, I met with Teanna and Travis. Teanna answered one of my casting calls looking for lifestyle maternity sessions, and I’m so glad she did! I absolutely love how their images turned out – she’s such a gorgeous mama-to-be.
Enjoy your teasers, Teanna and Travis! Thanks so much for letting me come into your home to capture these images!

red deer photography

red deer photography

red deer photography

red deer photography

red deer photography

red deer photography

red deer photography

red deer photography

red deer photography

red deer photography


  1. gorgeous pictures!! cutest belly!!

  2. These are absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Teanna! So happy for you both and cannot wait to see pics of the little Princess Benson! xoxo

  4. These are stunning! Teanna, they look beautiful, and so do you!

  5. Wow! These turned out fantastic! Thank you again! It was a pleasure! Cant wait to see the rest!

  6. Teanna you look awesome! And Trav cleaned up pretty Beautiful!!!

  7. Gorgeous photos! I love them!

  8. Cute photos! Congratulations!

  9. These are wonderful!

  10. Beautiful pictures! You look fantastic Teanna!

  11. Great pictures!

  12. You look absolutely beautiful! The pictures are fantastic very well done.

  13. Beautiful pictures! 🙂 Love your dress!

  14. Beauiful!

  15. Beautiful pictures!! Teanna you look stunning.

  16. Gorgeous! You both are radiating happiness!

  17. These are awesome…Teanna you are so beautiful and Travis looks like he is already a proud papa!

  18. They are truly beautiful pictures. So proud of you both – you will make great parents.

  19. Beautiful pics!!! Teanna, you’re glowing! So nice to have maternity shots in your own home!

  20. Absolutely gorgeous!

  21. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Love love love them!!!

  22. These are all so beautiful. Not long now… Good luck and cannot wait to meet her..xoxoxo

  23. This is my beautiful daughter and son in law, these photos are absolutely beautiful!
    Chantelle (glama to be)

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