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Clothing Inspiration

Posted on Jul 16, 2010 by in Personal, Session Tips | 0 comments

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Last week, Chris, Allison and I had a family session with the awesome husband-wife team Rob and Lauren from Edmonton. For once, I was on the other side of the lens, and wow, it was sure different! But, the absolute hardest thing I had to do what try to choose what to wear! I thought about it for weeks, trying to figure out all the different things I could go with. I think I probably drove Chris slightly crazy over it – I finally decided on what to buy the night before our session! I’m pretty sure my husband was ready to divorce me as we were running around town, especially since I didn’t decide on my outfit until about 8:30, with the mall closing at 9. All while dealing with a very cranky, very tired baby. But, all was good, I got an outfit and hopefully, hopefully, we all tied in together nicely!

So imagine how excited I was when I came across this blog a few days ago – it’s geared towards family/newborn/child photographers, but has links to some amazing photographers around North America. And some of their posts are “What to Wear” inspiration! So, of course, I had to share them on here to hopefully help out some others, so they don’t have to run around like we did!
Enjoy! And thanks Inspire Me Baby for the great blog!

*To any other photogs out there that might frequent my blog — IMB is giving away a maternity posing guide!

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